Plasticine Turtles: Using hands to mould material into something that can be identified is one way to introduce cool turtle crafts for kids to your children regardless of their age. These cool turtle themed crafts for kids do not require too much supervision or guidance. You can confidently allow your children to indulge their creativity.

Cool Turtle Crafts for Kids

What you will need: different coloured plasticine, walnut shells, googly eyes, paints, paintbrushes

Instructions: Start by eating the walnuts so that you can use the shells. Select the colour of plasticine you want to use to create your cool turtle crafts for kids and pinch off a piece to roll into two strips. The first strip will make the back legs which should be attached to one side of the walnut shell. The second strip will make the front legs to be attached at the front of the shell.

Pinch off another piece of plasticine to create the head and neck of these cool turtle themed crafts for kids. Shape the turtle’s head and neck into a ‘2’-like shape and attach to the walnut between the two front legs. Attach the googly eyes on either side of the head.

Use the paints to colour the walnut shell in the colours of your choice. Use your imagination and make the fun turtle themed craft as colourful as possible.

More Cool Turtle Themed Crafts For Kids

Simple Origami Turtles: Folding paper to make cool turtle crafts for kids is an activity that can be done by older children, but with a little patience, you can have the little children making their cool turtle themed crafts for kids as well.

What you will need: origami paper, markers, googly eyes (optional), paints

Instructions: Take your square piece of paper and fold it in half and press on the crease, then unfold. Fold along the opposite diagonal and press on the crease again and open up the paper. Draw a line 2 cm away from the diagonal crease, and fold along that line. The next fold is along the centre crease. We are halfway through creating these cool turtle crafts for kids.

The next folds will create the head of the turtle. On the pointy edge, draw a line to make a small triangle from the point where the paper on the inside ends. To create an outside reverse fold, fold only the top piece of paper along the line. Flip the paper over and do the same on the other side. Open the folded paper slightly and fold the corner tip of the paper upwards. Close the paper and press on the folds.

Your cool turtle crafts for kids are ready to decorate. Stick the googly eyes on each side of the head. Use the markers to draw the cracks in the turtle shell and colour or paint away.


Cool Turtle Crafts For Kids That Engage The Mind

Simple turtle themed crafts for kids that extend beyond just colouring engage the minds of the children doing them. Such crafts encourage children to engage both sides of their brain as they fold, mould and create shapes and figures through following given steps. This is one way of learning through play. 

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