Fun Acorn Craft Ideas For Kids

Acorn Wreath: Making acorn crafts for kids can be broken down into two parts. The first part will send the children outdoors to spend some time collecting the acorns to be used in their activity. The second part will have them sitting down and working on their acorn fall craft ideas for kids.

What you will need: Acorns, cardboard, sticks, leaves, glue, scissors, paintbrush, paints, yarn or ribbon

Instructions: Sort through the collected acorns and leaves and select the best ones for these acorn crafts for kids. Take the cardboard and draw a large circle and a smaller circle on the inside of the larger circle. Cut out both circles to create the back of the wreath. If the cardboard is plain white, paint it in your favourite colour.

Once the paint is dry, cover the painted side of the circle with glue. Quickly before the glue dries, neatly place the sticks, acorns, leaves in any order you like. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Determine the top side of the acorn wreath and pierce a hole through the cardboard. Pull the yarn or ribbon through the hole and secure it. Tie a knot on the opposite end of the ribbon and it is ready to hang.

Acorn Crafts For Kids
Other Acorn Crafts For Kids

Acorn Figurines:  Older children may be a little reluctant to participate in the acorn fall crafts for kids that involve glueing and painting. To grab their attention, introduce more tools and a bit of complexity such as creating acorn figurines.

What you will need: acorns, chestnuts, toothpicks, glue, googly eyes, a boring tool, scissors

Instructions: To create these miniature acorn crafts for kids, a little time is required to think about what kind of figurine you want to make. Then again, if you have collected lots of acorns and chestnuts, you can experiment as much as you like.

Suppose you want to create a little goat. Using a chestnut for the body, make four holes for the legs on what would be the bottom of the chestnut. Stick the toothpicks into the holes and adjust them until the body is well balanced. Glue a pair of googly eyes to an acorn and attach it to the chestnut body with a bit of glue. Break a toothpick in two and push the pieces into either side of the head to make some ears, and your first fall acorn craft idea is complete.

Caterpillar figurine

To create caterpillar figurine acorn autumn crafts, make a hole in the opposite sides of as many acorns as you like and connect them using toothpicks. Stick googly eyes on the head and paint on a mouth. Put together, the acorn fall craft ideas for kids can make a little zoo or farm.

Acorn fall crafts for kids are easy to make as the main material is readily available outdoors for free during fall. Toddlers, older children and adults can also participate in the collection and creation of acorn fall craft ideas for kids. Such activities are a great way to bond as a family.

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