Fun Alien Food Crafts for Kids

Alien Apple Monster Food Crafts: There are many fun alien food crafts for kids you can make, and among them are the apple monster crafts. These alien inspired crafts for kids are perfect for Halloween or any other fun celebration. Make these alien crafts for your next kids party and be sure that the plate will be empty by the end of the day!

What you will need: To make these alien crafts for children you will need 2-3 apples, 5 sliced strawberries, sunflower seeds with no shell, some peanut butter, and candy eyes.

Instructions: To make these alien food crafts for kids start by cutting the apples into thick slices. Cut out the middle of every slice and make about nine small cuts. Do this on the top side. To make the teeth of your alien themed crafts insert the sunflower seeds in every cut.

The next step in making these alien inspired food crafts for kids is to spread the peanut butter inside the slices at the bottom. To make the tongues of the apple monsters place a slice of strawberry at the center of every bottom. To make the candy eyes stick, simply just apply some peanut butter at the back and you are good to go.Your alien themed crafts for children are now ready!

If you do not have candy eyes for the apple monster crafts, you can use some white bread. Cut it into small circles, glue some sliced blueberries on the bread using peanut butter, and then glue the bread to the apples, again using peanut butter.

Enjoy your alien apple crafts, they are almost too cute to eat aren’t they 🙂