Painted Shell Necklace: You can do a creative beach themed crafts for Preschoolers right in the comfort of your home. The children will enjoy playing with shells, painting them and stringing them into beautiful, colourful necklaces that they can play dress-up with. The children of all ages can enjoy these easy homemade beach themed crafts.

What you will need: seashells – with holes if possible, a hand drill, paints, paintbrush, string, old newspapers

Instructions: Sift through your collection of shells and pick out the ones you want to work with. If you can find shells with great holes, if not, keep the hand drill close by. The children can participate in these creative beach crafts for kids to make at home by picking out the shells they want to work with.

Cover the work area with old newspapers as this activity could get messy. Paint the shells in different colours, or put rainbow colours on each shell. After they have dried, use the smallest bit on the hand drill and carefully make holes in the shells. Ask any adult at home to do this.

Arrange the shells in the order you would like to string them up, then pass the string through the holes in the shells and your creative beach crafts for children are ready to wear.

Creative Beach Crafts For Children That Float

Simple Cork Boat: Any activity that will let the children play with water will be delightful. Making floating boats as creative beach crafts for children can be extended to checking if the boats will float.

What you will need: wine corks, toothpicks, rubber bands, cotton string, cardboard, paints, paintbrush

Instructions: Cut a long piece of cotton string and tie it around the centre of one of the wine corks. Place two more wine corks behind the one with the string, and hold them together using some rubber bands.

Cut the cardboard into triangles to make the mast. Thread one end of the toothpick through the cardboard and then push the other end into the wine cork in the middle to create the mast. Help the smaller children with this so that they do not hurt themselves with the pointed edges. Cut off the sharp end once done. Your mini creative beach crafts for kids to make at home are almost ready for testing.

Paint the top part of these fun beach crafts for children to make it easy for each child to identify their own, and they are ready to play with. Keep in mind the paint may smear if the boats get wet, but that may serve to make them prettier.

Creative Beach Themed Crafts For Preschoolers That Keep Them Busy

The beach is a fun place to spend time, and when it is not possible to go to the beach, creative beach themed crafts for preschoolers can still create a beachside experience. Fun and simple creative beach crafts for kids to make at home can be made any time of the year, winter, spring, summer or fall. 

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