Simple Caterpillar Plasticine Crafts For Kids

Caterpillar plasticine crafts for kids can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be and are the best enjoyable activity when children indulge their imagination. Mixing different colours of plasticine, rolling, smashing, squishing and cutting the playdough is likely to be the best part of this craft, not so much the outcome of the activity. Caterpillar plasticine crafts for preschoolers should be approached as a fun activity and not so much a display of talent.

Caterpillar Plasticine Crafts for Kids

What you will need: Plasticine in various colours, plastic knife, marker

Instructions: Before the children start to work with the plasticine, as an introduction to caterpillar plasticine crafts for kids, take a little time to get them thinking about caterpillars. Show them some pictures, and give a simple description of the life of a caterpillar. Then, allow the children to select the colours they want to work with on these plasticine caterpillar crafts.

Guide the children to roll one long piece of plasticine and ask them to identify which side the head and the tail are. The next step is to roll two small balls of plasticine that will make up the eyes. Use the marker to colour in the eyeballs, and place them on the head of the caterpillar.

Depending on what each child has in mind, they can use pieces of different coloured plasticine to make designs and markings on the body of their caterpillar plasticine crafts for kids.

Colourful Caterpillar Plasticine Crafts For Kids

Bendy Caterpillar: If you are looking for caterpillar plasticine crafts for children that can survive a little longer than an afternoon of fun activity, you can work with polymer clay which can be hardened by baking. The creation of these caterpillar plasticine crafts for preschoolers requires the use of a piece of wire, therefore an adult should be present at all times.

What you will need: Plasticine in different colours, piece of thin wire, plastic knife, wire cutter

Instructions: To create these colourful caterpillar plasticine crafts for preschoolers, roll pieces of plasticine of different colours into small balls. Press down the balls so that they look like small pebbles. For the head, make one ball a little bigger than the rest and put it aside.

Take the piece of wire and bend it into the shape you want the caterpillar to take. Slowly and carefully push the pressed plasticine balls onto the wire. The children should be very careful that they do not hurt themselves with the wire. Therefore keep a watchful eye on them as they handle the wire. When the wire is almost completely hidden by the plasticine balls, it is time to attach the head.

The head of this caterpillar crafts for kids will need some eyes and a mouth. Roll small pieces of plasticine to make the eyes. Give it some antennae by rolling two small strips of plasticine and attaching them to the head behind the caterpillar eyes. If you are using polymer clay, your caterpillar plasticine crafts for kids is ready to bake.

 Making Your Own Caterpillar Plasticine Crafts For Kids At Home

Caterpillar plasticine crafts for kids can be enjoyed by the whole family and can be used as an opportunity to teach about the life cycle of a caterpillar from egg to butterfly with a few moral lessons thrown if you so wish. 

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