Fruity Food Crafts: Food art crafts for kids is one way to get your children excited about different types of food. It is possible to come up with simple food art crafts for younger children to create. Cut up the pieces for them, and let them know what the outcome should be to guide them a little bit, then allow their creativity to flow.

Food Art Crafts-Palm Tree

What you will need: Apples, bananas, tangerines, oranges, grapes, knife, plates

Instructions: To make these fruit food art crafts for kids, wash the fruits thoroughly. To prepare the fruit to make an apple owl, cut one apple in half and shape one half into a square to make the head of the owl. Slice another apple in half, and slice one half into thin strips. Peel the tangerine, and remove the skin off three pieces to make the feet and beak of the owl. Slice the banana and use two slices together with grapes to make the eyes.

You can also make some cute food palm trees! To prepare the fruits to make the fruit trees, peel and slice two bananas, and cut one apple into half and slice. Now all the fruits are sliced and ready for the children to make their food art for kids in the form of an owl and fruit palm trees. Simply use the bananas as the trunk and the sliced apples as the leaves.

Give the children the sliced fruits and plates onto which they can create their food art by themselves. Once they are done, they can eat their art.

Breakfast Food Art Crafts for Kids

Fun With Pancakes: A routine breakfast meal can be made interesting by trying out different food crafts for kids. Simple pancakes can be made more interesting with a little fruit and syrup. Any child will enjoy seeing their food arranged to make an interesting shape or funny face.


Food Art Crafts-Breakfast Pancake

What you will need: Flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence, milk, cooking oil, pan, syrup, strawberries/banana, grapes, plates.

Instructions: Mix some pancake batter using the flour, eggs, sugar and milk. Cook the batter in the pan using a little oil for each pancake. Cut the strawberries into half and slice one banana.

To make this pancake food art for kids, place the pancake in the middle of the plate. Arrange the cut strawberries around the pancake to make the sun rays. Use two banana slices to make the whites of the eyes, and the grapes to make the pupils and the nose. Use some syrup to draw the mouth.

You can make these fun food crafts for kids yourself, or allow them to make them for themselves after you have cooked the pancakes and sliced the fruits. Try and be flexible and allow the children to arrange the fruits in any way they want. The aim is for the children to have fun with these edible food crafts.

Fun And Edible Food Art Crafts For Kids

Food crafts for kids are a great way for children to have fun with food. This is one instance where children should allow to play with their food and then eat it. Kids fun food art activities are also an opportunity for younger children to discover different textures of food and also for them to explore their creativity.

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