Cute Plasticine Pig Crafts For Kids 

Farm animal crafts for kids are fun and easy to make and the plasticine pig is one of these simple crafts. Cute plasticine pig crafts you can make with your children at home. You only need very few things, so it’s easy to get started.

Cute Plasticine Pig Crafts

What you will need: To make these cute plasticine pig crafts for children you will need some pink plasticine, black plasticine (optional) and a toothpick.

Instructions: The first step in making these farm animal crafts for kids is to take the plasticine and soften it for about 10 minutes for it to get soft and easy to work with. Cut a piece of the plasticine to make the body of the pig. Shape the plasticine into a round oval shape similar to a loaf of bread. You then make the feet for these plasticine pig crafts. For these take some plasticine and make four equal cylinders that are chubby.

Attach these cylinders to the body of the pig. Then make spheres for the heads of the pig crafts and finally attach to the body. You then make the ears for your pig crafts for kids. Make them like those of a bunny but chubbier then fold them a little to achieve the floppy effect. Attach the ears at the top of the head.

To make the snout for your cute plasticine pig crafts, shape some plasticine into a flat cookie shape. Then attach it at the bottom half of the face. Make sure that the snout covers half of the head. Make the nostrils by poking two holes in the nose using a toothpick. To make the eyes of these farm animal crafts for kids poke two holes in the head slightly above the nose or use some black plasticine. Roll out a piece of the plasticine and twirl it to make the tails of these cute pigs. Finally, attach the tail to the back of the bodies and you have your plasticine pigs!

Farm animal crafts are popular among kids, and these cute plasticine pigs are super easy to make, so why stop at one?

Have fun with these cute plasticine pig crafts for kids. Enjoy!