Dinosaur Balloon Sculptures: Fun dinosaur crafts for kids can be an opportunity to give your children a pre-historic lesson, about the types of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. Dinosaur arts and crafts for kids vary in their complexity, therefore, ensure that you select one that matches your children’s ability. Playing with balloon dinosaurs is fun for kids of all ages although making them is an activity suited for older children.

What you will need:  Twisting balloons, balloon inflator, scissors, marker

Instructions: Making Dinosaur Crafts will require a little practice so take it easy and have fun. Blow up one balloon and bend it close to the nozzle to form the dinosaur’s head. Make the legs by doing two balloon twists about two inches apart. Hold the main body of the balloon while twisting the legs to make a lock twist.

The dinosaur’s body will need a three balloon push through twist which ought to result in three segments, each of which is three inches long. Be patient if the twisting does not work the first time around. Learning how to do the twisting is part of the activity and interesting shapes are all part of the fun.

To complete the back legs and tail, repeat the two balloon twists used to make the front legs, Remember to lock twist them together. The part of the balloon leftover makes the dinosaur’s tail. Using a marker, draw the face and your fossil art and craft project is complete.

Hands-On Dinosaur Crafts For Kids 


Modelling Clay Dinosaurs: Modeling clay dinosaur crafts for kids is one way for them to learn the features of the different dinosaurs that existed on the earth. You may need some pictures to guide you as you go along. But try and allow the children to be creative with these dinosaur arts and crafts for kids.

What you will need: Different colours of modelling clay, plasticine or modelling clay tools.

Instructions: Select the colour of modelling clay you want to use to make a dinosaur. Roll the modelling clay into a ball. Then pinch one end to make the head and taper the end to make the tail. To make the legs, roll four small balls of the same colour modelling clay. Now press them onto the body of the dinosaur. Keep in mind that different dinosaurs have different shaped legs.

Make a hole on either side of the head to be filled with small balls of white and black modelling clay to create the eyes of these dinosaur crafts for kids.

Different dinosaurs have different features that distinguish them from each other. Using different colours of the modelling clay, roll out strips between your palms. Now make the stripes that go on the back of the T-rex or the spikes on the back of the Stegosaurus or the horns on the Triceratop.

Creative Dinosaur Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Working on dinosaur crafts for kids can easily become a family activity. Also, it helps to learn about the different types of animals that walked the earth in prehistoric times. Apart from modelling clay and balloons, one can also use paper and paint for different pre-historic craft activities for kids.

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