Chalk Art Making: Making chalk drawings are fun and easy crafts for kids to engage in creating. We know chalk to be dusty and temporary and usually used on sidewalks where they either fade with time or are washed away. With paper, a little water or hairspray, these easy craft ideas for kids can be turned into a permanent work of art.

Easy Crafts For Kids-Chalk Art Making

What you will need: Coloured chalk, construction paper, liquid starch, water, hairspray.

Instructions: Using Hairspray – Let the children jump right into it and use the chalk to draw on the construction paper to their heart’s delight. Encourage them to use as many colours as possible and to be creative too. Once they are done, spray the chalk art with hairspray to keep the chalk from coming off the paper. The hairspray acts as a fixative for these simple craft projects for children.

Using Water and Liquid Starch – Use a little water to wet the paper and then paint it with a light layer of liquid starch. Let the children use dry chalk to draw on the wet paper. As mentioned above, allow them to explore their creativity and to use as many colours as possible. The liquid starch brightens the chalk and makes these easy crafts for kids more attractive. The water makes the chalk stick to the paper.

These easy craft ideas for kids can be framed and hung on the wall.

Easy Kids Playdough Crafts

Plasticine Art and Crafts: Plasticine is a fun medium to use in making easy crafts for kids. Plasticine can also be made at home using hot water, food colour, flour, salt, oil and cream of tartar. You can choose to guide the children in what to make or allow them to be creative and use the plasticine to come up with some easy craft ideas for kids.

What you will need:  Plasticine in different colours, plasticine play tools (optional), small plastic containers

Instructions: First allocate the children a play area and give them playdough and tools. After that allow them to interact with the plasticine for a little before instructing them on what to make. Also, keep an eye on the younger children as they may try to put some in their mouth. The alternative is to make plasticine that is non-toxic even if they do eat it.

Easy Crafts For Kids-Plasticine-Crafts

Let the children use their hands or tools to make different fruits and vegetables to go in the basket. Encourage them to roll out the plasticine, mould it into different shapes using their hands – pinch, twist and roll – until they achieve the desired shape of the fruit or vegetable they are creating.

Arrange the moulded fruits and vegetables into the little containers to represent a fruit and vegetable basket. These quick crafting ideas for kids can be displayed on the dinner table.

Easy Crafts For Kids To Try On Their Own

Children can be very creative on their own and can come up with easy craft ideas with little adult supervision. Present them with a medium to express themselves and they will do so with ease. Generally, plasticine is soft and malleable and can be used to mould different items. Chalk is not as commonly used as crayons and paint. Even though it is just as fun to work with.

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