Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

Easter Bunny Crafts: Easter is just around the corner so why not do some easy holiday crafts in the form of an Easter egg and bunny craft? These felt Easter crafts make great holiday crafts for children and will keep them (and you too!) busy for hours. If you are looking for another type of holiday craft, for example, some Thanksgiving creativeness, please check the last part of this post for some cute paper bag turkey holiday crafts. Anyway, let’s start with these cute Easter holiday crafts for kids.

Easy Holiday Crafts-Easter Bunny

What you will need: To make these holiday crafts for youngsters you will need white, green, and yellow felt, yellow and black thread, sewing needle, scissors, pencil, glue and an egg and bunny template.

Instructions: To make these seasonal crafts for kids start by printing out the template, cut out the different pieces then trace them on the felt. Trace the egg on the purple felt, the bunny on the pink felt, and the bunny’s pocket on the green felt. The next step in making these holiday crafts for children is to sew the bunny’s pocked on the egg. Use the yellow thread to do this and sew all round to create a decorative effect. You then sew the eyes and nose on the bunny craft. For the eyes sew two stitches crossing each other to make the letter X. Make one running stitch at the middle of the eyes, slightly below them to make the nose. Take your bunny and put inside its pocket and your seasonal crafts for youngsters are complete. Very cute aren’t they?

Other Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

Paper Bag Turkeys: These are some other seasonal crafts that you can engage the kids in. So, how about keeping your children busy this thanksgiving by making these holiday crafts as you prepare that delicious turkey for your Thanksgiving feast?

Easy Holiday Crafts-Paper Bag Turkey

What you will need: To make these easy holiday crafts for kids you need a few sheets of newspaper, a few paper grocery bags, yarn, paint in autumn colours and pre-cut turkey heads.

Instructions: Have every child pick a few sheets of paper and give each of them a paper grocery bag. The next step in making these children’s holiday crafts is to have the children crumple the newspapers and stuff them into the grocery bags until they are half full. Twist to close the bags and use a piece of yarn to tie the bags around the middle.

The next stage in making these paper bag crafts is to have the kids make the tails for their turkeys. Let them do this by making a few cuts from their bags from the top edges down to the yarn ties. You then let the children paint the tails of their thanksgiving holiday crafts. Let them use bright autumn colours at this stage of making their holiday crafts. Finally, give each child a pre-cut turkey head shape for them to decorate. Have them attach the head shapes to the front of the bags and the kids’ seasonal arts and crafts are now complete. Very quick and easy indeed!

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