Awesome and Easy Owl Crafts for Kids

Felt Owl Craft:

Involving your kids in making owl-themed crafts is an ideal way of helping them learn more about these interesting birds and one easy owl crafts for kids you can engage them in is the felt owl craft. It’s easy and super cute and it leaves plenty of room to experiment.

Easy Owl Crafts-Felt Owl Craft


What you will need: To make these easy owl crafts for kids you will need :

  • pink, brown, white and black felt,
  •  pink, brown, white and black sewing threads,
  • embroidery ribbon,
  • pink printed fabric,
  • glue,
  • sewing needle,
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • polyester stuffing and
  • an owl template (This one is very easy to mimic).

Instructions: To make these owl-themed crafts for kids start by printing out the owl template, cut out the different pieces then trace them on the felt. Trace the body and legs on the pink felt and the beak on the yellow felt. The beak should be triangular. Now cut out two circles for the eyes from the white felt. Then cut another two smaller circles from the black felt for the pupils. For the body and the legs cut out two pieces of each. Take one body piece of your simple owl crafts for kids and sew the eyes.

Then sew the smaller black circles in the inner corners of the white felt but first cut about three small strands from the black thread and place them on top of the white felt then place the smaller black circle on top and sew using the black thread. The three black strands represent the eyelashes of your owl craft. Do this for both eyes.

Make the Bottom Part:

At the bottom part of this body part, attach the pink printed fabric using some glue. You then attach the embroidery lace on top of this fabric. Use some glue to do this. The next step in making these easy owl crafts for children is to attach the beak. Use the yellow thread to do this and sew it right below the eyes. Take the other body piece and sew these two pieces together using some pink thread to complete the body of this easy owl craft for kids. Use running stitches.

To make Legs:

First, leave some space at the bottom to stuff the polyester stuffing and for the legs. For the legs, take the two pieces and sew together using pink thread. Then stuff it with some of the polyester stuffing. Similarly, do this for the other leg. Stuff the body using some polyester stuffing then sew the feet of your owl themed crafts for kids at the bottom of the body. Sew any remaining gap at the bottom to complete your felt owl.


Plasticine Owl Craft

These are other easy owl crafts for kids you can engage your children at any time of the year.

What you will need: To make these owl-themed crafts for youngsters you will need plasticine or modelling clay in bark brown, light brown, red, white and black colours, and a sewing needle.

Instructions: To make these kids owl-themed crafts begin with a ball of light brown plasticine or modelling clay and roll it into a circle to make the body of your owl crafts. You then make the heads of these owl-themed arts and crafts for children. Use the dark brown plasticine for this and roll it into a ball.

Easy Owl Crafts-Plasticine-Owl-Craft

Eyes and Ears to make for Plasticine Owl Craft

Now take the white plasticine and make two circles for the eyes and press them on the head. Roll two small black circles and press onto the eyes. Use some red plasticine to make the beak of these owl crafts for kids. To do this, pinch the red plasticine and shape it into a triangle with a rounded top. Now attach it between the eyes. Make two small triangles for the ears using dark brown plasticine and attach at the top of the head.

Wings for Plasticine Owl Craft

The next step is to make the wings. Do this using the dark brown plasticine. Remember to make teardrop shapes.  Then attach them to the sides of the body. After that take a needle and use its eye to add some texture to the chest and wings to make the feathers of your easy owl crafts for kids. Do this also to the ears to make the head feathers.

The last step is to make the claws. For this purpose, take a small amount of the dark brown plasticine and make two dots and attach below the body. Use your needle to make two marks on each dot. Finally, your owl crafts for youngsters are now complete.

Have Fun and Enjoy These Great Owl Crafts for Kids! 

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