Fun Felt Monster Craft Ideas for Kids

How to make an Alien Felt Monster: This is another fun alien inspired craft for kids you can engage your children in. There are many felt monster craft ideas for kids you can make. So, it is entirely up to you and your kids to choose the monster that you want to make. However, the monster here is very easy and cute and makes a good starting point for other felt monster creations.

What you will need:

  • felt fabric (in this case pink)
  • scissors, polyester filling
  • sewing accessories and optional sewing machine
  • a monster template of your liking (the above is very easy to mimic)

Felt Monster Craft Ideas

Instructions: Take your monster design and trace it on the felt fabric to start making your felt monster crafts for kids. Be sure to fold your fabric in half as your alien crafts for youngsters will need a front and a backside. Cut out the design.

Now it’s time to make the face of your felt monster crafts for kids. Use white felt to make the eyeballs and small round black felt for the pupils. Sew the eyeballs and the pupils with white tread, or with black thread, if you wish to give your monster a spunk. Cut two small roundish shapes from the white felt for the teeth. Sew a black line for the mouth across the face. Place the teeth right below the black line and your pink felt monster craft is almost complete.

Now you just need to sew the back and front pieces together. Remember to leave a small opening for the polyester filling. Finally, it’s time to stuff your newly created pink felt monster craft and you are good to go! Felt monster craft ideas for kids are super cute and fun and make a great activity for all seasons. Have fun!