toilet paper roll crafts-flowers

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

If you take a look around, there are so many things in your house to recycle and make amazing crafts for kids. We usually throw away the toilet paper rolls but amazingly we can create fun and interesting toilet paper roll crafts for kids by recycling them. And surely, recycling is going to save our money. Toilet paper roll crafts are fun to create and also a great way to teach your kids recycling.

We can make hundreds of exciting and innovative crafts using toilet paper roll. Here we are going to show you a few ideas so your kids have blast making them.

1. Toilet paper roll flowers

Spring is coming now and decorating your house with fresh and blooming spring flowers can be a bit tricky and expensive. Making toilet paper roll flowers will look super cool to welcome spring in full swing. Here are the things you need to make these flowers.

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Green poster colour
  • Paintbrush
  • Colored Card-stocks
  • Glue stick
  • Silver glitter glue
  • Pom poms

How to make toilet paper roll flowers

  1. The first step is to paint your toilet paper rolls using green poster colour. After brushing them well with green colour, let them dry for a few minutes.
  2. Next step is to make leaves. It will be good fun if you ask your kids to join in this exciting task. Help them to draw the leaves on green card-stock. Draw approximately 3” to 4” long leaves.
  3. Ask your kid to cut those leaves.
  4. Also, draw the centre of the leaves on light green colour paper. Central parts of leaves should be 2” long.
  5. Now put some glue on the small light green leaves and sprinkle silver glitter on them. Leave them for a couple of minutes to set the glitter.
  6. Paste the smaller light green leaves onto the big green leaves.
  7. Glue the leaves at the front bottom of the toilet paper rolls.
  8. The next step is to make flowers in the fun activity of making toilet paper roll crafts. Take out the coloured card-stocks and draw different flower shapes which are easy to cut out. You can draw tulips and daisies. Now cut out these flowers.
  9. Paste little pom poms onto the centre of the daisies with glue.
  10. Paste these flowers to the front upper of the toilet paper rolls.

Your colourful toilet paper roll flowers are ready to welcome spring and display in your kid’s room.


2. Toilet paper roll Binoculars

Your kids are going to enjoy toilet paper roll binoculars. You need the following things to make the binoculars.

  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • Poster colours (any 1 colour of your own choice)
  • Fancy decorative tape
  • Stars stickers
  • String or ribbon to tie on both sides of binoculars to hang around your neck

Steps to make toilet paper roll Binoculars

  1. Firstly paint toilet paper rolls. You can take your desired colour to paint these rolls. Let them dry for a few minutes.
  2. When the paint is dried well, start decorating it. Add fancy decorative tape at the top and bottom of the rolls.
  3. Paste some stickers stars onto the central part between the tape. You can put some dots with another poster colour if you do not have stars stickers.
  4. Now stick both rolls with glue or you can staple them.
  5. Make small holes into the right and left sides of binoculars. Put one edge of the string or ribbon into the one hole and tie a knot. Repeat the same step with the other hole. Now your kids can wear these binoculars around their necks.

toilet paper roll crafts-binoculars


Hope you will have the amazing experience of making these cute toilet paper roll crafts for your kids. Enjoy!!!