Best Ideas to make New Year’s Crafts

Getting New Year’s crafts ideas for kids is a challenge. Celebrations are always so much fun with kids at home. We can have plenty of amazing and fun crafts to welcome a New Year as a family. Here I am sharing with you some interesting ways to create New Year’s crafts with your kiddies.

Handprint Poster

To make a New Year’s Handprint Poster, we need the given below things:

  1. Colour Paper
  2. Glitter Glue (golden and silver)
  3. Poster Colours (pink and blue)

Now assist your kid in decorating a poster. Draw a wavy outline around the four sides of the paper with golden glitter glue. Ask him/her to cover one hand with pink poster clour and the other hand with blue poster colour. Guide him/her to print 2 pink and 2 blue handprints in a row in the middle of the paper. Now let it dry for a few minutes.

After some time, take glitter glue and write ”Happy New Year” right above the handprints. Also, write the year numbers in the middle of the handprints. So, here’s ready your first new year’s craft for your lovely kids.

New Year’s Collage

Sometimes it becomes difficult for your kids to remember the numbers of the new year. I am going to share another interesting and very easy New Year’s Craft which will help them to remember the New Year’s numbers very well. You can add as many ingredients as you can to look it more creative and crafty. Here I am giving you some idea of the things you need to make a New Year’s Collage.

Things we need:

  1. Adhesive glue
  2. Glitter glue
  3. Beads
  4. Stars stickers
  5. Confetti-you can use old wrapping papers and tinsels
  6. Pistachio shells
  7. Poster colours ( 3 colours of your own choice)
  8. Chart paper (white)

Help your child to draw the numbers of the year or draw the outlines of the numbers with the glitter glue of different colours. Now decorate each number differently. In the first number, ask your child to paste some pistachio shells and colour them with poster colours. You can use 3 to 5 different colours to paint the pistachio shells. In the next number, you can paste colourful and shining beads with glue. Here comes the 3rd number to decorate. Ask your child to paste stars stickers in the 3rd number. In the last number of the year, you can paste confetti. You don’t need to buy new shiny and colourful papers and strips to make confetti. Instead, you can use old coloured papers or wrapping sheets for this purpose.

Confetti Poppers

Now I am going to tell you how to prepare Confetti Poppers by using some simple items you probably have lying around the house. All you need to make a homemade confetti popper is a small empty water bottle, a balloon and some things to make homemade confetti. You can use a few leftover wrapping papers to make confetti.

How to make?

So the first thing you are going to do in new year’s crafts is to cut off the top of the small empty water bottle. Make sure that there are no sharp edges of the bottle. Next, you gonna take a balloon and cover the bore (mouth) of the bottle with it. Make sure the whole neck of the balloon is on the bore of the bottle.

Next is a really fun step for the kids and helps them practice their scissor skill. Help them to make confetti and ask him/her to cut the papers and tinsels into small pieces so they do not get stuck in the bore of the confetti popper. Now put the confetti inside the balloon. It’s pretty easy because the bore of the bottle is acting as a tunnel. After you put whole confetti inside the balloon, your confetti popper is ready to go. All you have to do to launch your popper is to pull the balloon back and let it go. Your confetti flies everywhere.

Here are ready all your perfect New Year’s Crafts for kids. ”Happy New Year”.