Simple Origami Bird Crafts For Kids

Origami Swan: There are many origami bird crafts for kids you can make and the origami swan bird craft is one of these fun and elegant bird crafts you can make at any time with your children. What you will need: To make these bird crafts for kids you will need some origami paper (obviously!) and that’s it.


Instructions: To make these fun origami bird crafts for kids start by taking a white piece of paper. Fold your paper along one diagonal side. Your next step is to unfold it. You then fold the lower edges of the square towards the centre line. This is the kite base. Flip over this kite base. To continue making these origami swan crafts make a double fold on both sides. You then fold the point of the piece facing upwards. Fold the head of your swan downwards. Then fold the bird craft in half. The last step in making these fun origami bird crafts for youngsters is to pull the neck of the swan craft away from its body, then unfold the body and head and your beautiful swan craft is ready!

Another Fun Origami Bird Craft To Try 

Origami Ducks: There are many types of ducks you can make using origami paper. Depending on the age of your kids, they may need a little additional help, as some of them could be a little tricky. Below you’ll find how to make a simple origami duck. What you will need: To make these exciting bird crafts for children you will again need some origami paper and a flat surface to fold your paper on.

Origami Duck in origami bird crafts


  • To start making these bird crafts for preschoolers place your origami paper on a flat surface.
  • Turn the paper so that it is diamond-shaped.
  • Fold your paper in half to create a crease line then unfold it.
  • Fold the two halves of your paper towards the crease line.
  • Both the left and right corners should touch the crease line.
  • You then turn your paper upside down and fold up the bottom corner so that it is roughly between the left and right side corners.
  • The next step in making these origami ducks is to fold down the top of the corner that you had earlier on folded up so that it touches the bottom of the paper.
  • Fold the whole paper in half.
  • The left side of the paper should be going backwards as you are mountain folding.
  • Turn your paper to the side so that the corner you had folded is up at the left.
  • You then take the first corner you had folded up.
  • This is the neck of your origami duck.
  • Pull it forward then smooth it with your finger to make sure it is folded.
  • Take the other smaller corner which you had folded up.
  • This is the head of the duck! Pull it forward then fold it using your finger. Your cute origami ducks are now ready! Have fun with Origami Bird Crafts! Enjoy!!