Beginner Origami Cat Face: Folding different coloured papers to create something distinct and identifiable is a rewarding activity. Similarly encouraging children to explore their creativity in creating cute origami cat crafts for kids will help them develop motor skills, patience and attentiveness. These cute origami cat crafts are suitable for kids under five years.

What you will need: origami paper, ruler, marker, googly eyes, glue,

Instructions: For the first step in making origami cat crafts for children, fold a square piece of paper into half diagonally to create a triangle and gently press down the crease. Fold the paper in half again to create a smaller triangle, press on the crease again and then open it up. Take the point of the triangle made from the first fold and fold it down about quarter way along the crease made from the second triangle fold.

The next step in making these cute origami cat crafts for kids requires a bit of attention. Take one of the bottom corners and fold it at a twenty-degree angle from the centre crease. Do the same with the other corner. The two points make the ears of the cat.

To complete these origami cat crafts for kids, turn the folded piece over, stick on the googly eyes and draw in the remaining cat face features using the marker.

Other Cute Origami Cat Crafts For Kids  

Origami Cat Crafts For Kids

Origami Cat – Head and Body: Older children can also make cute origami cat crafts for kids that are a little more elaborate and require more folds to complete. Concentration, sequencing and imagination are some of the values that can be derived from older children learning to create origami cat crafts for children.

What you will need: origami paper, marker, scissors, ruler

Instructions: In case you do not have origami paper, use the ruler to measure out a square and cut it out. Fold the square paper along both diagonals, crease gently and open up. Next, fold the two opposite ends along the diagonal to create a long diamond shape. Fold the sides of the diamond such that the tips touch the centrefold. Then fold the long end of the diamond about the three-quarter way to the top, and then fold it back again like a zig-zag.

You are almost halfway through creating these cute origami cat crafts for kids! The next step is to fold the origami along the centrefold. Fold up the bigger side of the origami at about one hundred degrees from the left. To create the head of these cat origami crafts for kids, open up the part that was just folded. To make the tail, fold up the little part left on your left.

Now fold in the little triangles on the bottom of the origami. And fold up the bottom of the head in a zigzag to make the nose of the cat. You could stop here and use the marker to put in the details of these origami cat crafts for children.

Cute Origami Cat Crafts for Kids-Paper Cat Crafts

Use Cute Origami Cat Craft For Kids For Development

Making cute origami cat crafts for kids is not just a way to pass time and keep the children busy. Even simple origami crafts for children require the use of both sides of the brain to complete. Also, it enhances the development of tactile, motor and visual parts of the brain.

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