Balloon Penguins: One way to make fun penguin crafts for children more interactive is to have your older children engage the younger ones. Making balloon penguins is one way to do it. The older children can blow up and twist the balloons into shape. While the younger ones watch, and the penguin crafts for kids can be used for play. What you will need: Yellow, white and black animal balloons, air pump, scissors, marker

Instructions: Firstly, to create balloon penguin crafts for children, blow up the white and black balloons leaving a one-inch tail. Tie the nozzle ends together. To make the penguin head, twist the two balloons together to create a two-inch bubble from the nozzle end. Similarly, follow this bubble with another two-inch bubble. Then twist the four bubbles together by wrapping one of the nozzles around the end of the second twist. Ensure the white bubbles are next to each other, same with the black bubbles. Six inches from the head, twist the two balloons together again.

Now bring up the remainder of the black balloon up the penguin’s back and twist around the neck.  Then make another six-inch bubble. Also, twist it onto the other three body bubbles. Pass the remainder of the black balloon through the body to the back of the penguin to make the tail. Ensure that the white bubble is at the front of the penguin. Afterwards, twist the remainder of the white balloon into two five-inch loops to make the penguin feet. Next, to make the beak of the penguin, blow up the yellow balloon leaving a one-inch tail. From the tip of the tail, twist a two-inch bubble and secure it to the front of the head. Cut off the remainder of the balloon. Use the marker to draw the eyes and your fun penguin crafts for children is ready for play.

Folding Fun Penguin Crafts For Children

Origami Penguin Family: Creating fun penguin crafts for kids by folding origami paper can be an exciting activity. Watching paper turn into an identifiable animal is fascinating. You can choose origami penguin crafts for kids based on their age and ability as the levels range from beginner to expert. What you will need: black and white origami paper.

Instructions: To start off making these simple penguin crafts for kids, fold the square paper into a triangle with the black side on the inside and press the crease. Now open up the paper with the white side facing you. Make a twenty-degree fold from the tip of the crease towards the centre, on both sides of the crease. Fold the top point downwards to make the head of the penguin. Then turn the model over and fold the bottom point inwards. With the backside of this simple penguin crafts for kids facing you fold it in half. Lift the head and press down on the point at which the head and the body meet. To make the head of these fun penguin crafts for children nod up and down, gently pull the sides back and forth. Create many penguins to form a family.

Introduce Fun Penguin Crafts For Children Into Your Home

If you are looking to move away from the usual painting and cutting activities, you will enjoy these fun penguin crafts for children. The children will get the opportunity to learn how to follow instructions to be able to create a penguin

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