Personalised Kites: Spring crafts for kids can work well with an adult to make the process easier and more fun for everyone. Making kites fits into the kind of spring crafts for toddlers that will have everyone itching to get outside. This craft may be a little difficult for smaller children although they will enjoy painting or colouring the kite body.

What you will need:

  • Big sheets of paper
  • two wooden dowels or plastic straws
  • tape
  • twine or kite string
  • ribbon or fabric scraps
  • paint
  • markers or crayons.

Instructions: To create these fun and amazing spring crafts for kids, colour, paint, stencil your design on the sheets of paper. After that tie the dowels together in a cross formation. Use the twine to create the shape of the kite. Now, tie it to the end of the dowels from end to end so that there is twine tied to each dowel end. You could use hot glue to hold it in place.

Place the frame on your coloured sheet of paper. Wrap the ends of the paper around the frame leaving and tape it down. Slit a hole in each of the midpoints of the longer dowel, pass the twine through the slits and to the front of the kite, leave a little slack and tie it.

Tie the string to fly the kite to the twine passing through the front of the kite. Fasten the ribbon or fabric scraps to the tail of the kite and your spring crafts for toddlers are ready to fly.

Back Yard Spring Crafts For Kids 

Paper Windmills: The best spring crafts for kids should ideally get you outside and spend some time. Usually, basic paper windmills make excellent spring crafts for toddlers as they can have fun making and playing with them.

What you will need: Square pieces of construction paper or plastic sheets or, coloured paper, permanent markers, crayons, a paper punch, pins/tacks/small nails, stick or dowel, scissors, a small piece of cork

Instructions: To make these simple spring crafts, fold the square piece of paper into half diagonally. Open it up and fold in half diagonally in the opposite direction. Similarly, open it up and colour or draw different designs on the paper. Make it as colourful as possible.

Next, cut along the diagonal lines till about 2/3 of the way to the centre of the paper. With the paper punch or a pin, make a hole in each corner of the sheet of paper, and one hole in the centre. Bring all the corners with the little holes to align with the centre hole.

Now push the pin or tack through the holes and attach to the stick or dowel. If the pin or small nail goes through the dowel, secure the back with a small piece of cork. Hold your paper windmill in your hand and run through the back yard. You can also stick it in a windy location and watch it a spin. In this way, show off the colours of your spring crafts for kids.

 Spring Crafts For Kids That Create Anticipation 

There are numerous spring crafts for kids that you can set up for your children. You can manage those crafts according to their age and the level of difficulty they can manage. Engaging your children in fun spring crafts helps them appreciate their creativity.  Also, it helps them to learn about the change in seasons while exploring their creativity.

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