Handprint Turkey Crafts

Putting together different Thanksgiving decorations for kids to make over the Thanksgiving holiday is one way to get them to appreciate that there is more to this season than turkey and hanging out with family. Turkey themed Thanksgiving crafts for kids are an opportunity to explain why this bird gets a lot of focus at this time.

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What you will need: Construction paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, pine cones, crayons, markers, paints, paintbrushes

Instructions: To make these Thanksgiving crafts for kids, trace your child’s hand on the construction paper. Cut it out to make a stencil. Stencil out as many handprints as you want to use. Paint or colour the handprints in different colours – red, orange, yellow. Once the paint is dry, cut out the handprints.

Draw a turkey head complete with beak and wattle, and cut it out. Colour or paint the head, beak, and wattle, then stick on the googly eyes. Draw the turkey feet, cut them out, and paint them as well.

Take the pine cone which will be the body of the turkey. Now arrange the coloured handprints on one end to make the tail feathers. Use some glue to hold them in place. Next place the head towards the front of the pine cone, and the feet at the bottom. Use the glue to hold them in place and the kid’s decorations for Thanksgiving are ready for display.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids From Recycled Materials

Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrims: Instead of throwing out your toilet paper rolls, use them to create these fun pilgrim Thanksgiving crafts for kids. These simple Thanksgiving decorations for kids require the most basic materials. Yet the process of making them and the outcome can be quite delightful for both children and adults.

What you will need: Toilet paper rolls, construction paper – black, yellow, pink, white, markers or crayons, scissors, glue, stapler.

Instructions: Cut out the clothes of the two pilgrims using the different colours of construction paper to begin making these Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Black and white for the Pilgrim man, and pink for the Indian girl. Use the glue to stick them to the toilet rolls. Cut a strip of yellow construction paper to make the pilgrims hair, and cut slits on one side. Similarly, cut a strip of black construction paper in the same way to make the Indian’s hair.

Stick the hair on the toilet rolls by glueing the side without slits to the roll. Cut a strip of pink construction paper to make a headband for the Indian and glue it over the Indian’s hair. Using the black and yellow construction paper, make a hat for the pilgrim. With a marker or crayon, draw the eyes, mouth and nose for the girl and the man.

You can use the stapler to secure all the pieces in place. Now your Thanksgiving decorations for kids are ready to display.


Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids That Touch On History

Simple yet fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids can also be used to teach them the history and significance behind the Thanksgiving tradition. Using basic materials and straightforward cutting and sticking techniques makes it possible for the younger children to join in creating Thanksgiving ornaments for kids. Thanksgiving crafting for kids can be a family activity.