Icicle Winter Crafts For Kids 

This is one of the easiest winter crafts for kids to make. Most children love how the icicles glitter when hit by the sun. This winter icicle craft for children has a lot of appeals as you only need a few simple items to make it.


Winter Crafts For Kids by Using Simple Ways

What you will need for Icicle Winter Crafts For Kids  :

  • White glue
  • glitter
  • a plastic spoon
  • construction paper blue in colour
  • a box lid.

Instructions for Icicle Winter Crafts For Kids 

Instructions: To make these winter crafts for kids first you will need to add a little water into the white glue bottle. Mix the glue and the water pretty well.  Make sure that it runs smoothly and easily at the end of the spoon. The next step in making these winter-themed crafts for children is to place the construction paper inside the box lid. Lean the box lid against a straight surface at an angle because you will require gravity to attain the needed effect.

Involve your kids in the process of making these icicle crafts. Let them generously squeeze the glue in a straight line at the top of the paper. Drip the glue to create icicles. You can have them pour more glue to make the drips longer as they desire. Once the desired length of the drips has been achieved, place the lid down flat and have the kids sprinkle a good amount of the glitter onto the glue. When the glue dries up you will have yourselves a glittery icicle and your kid’s winter craft will be ready.

There are no set rules or right and wrong when making these icicle winter crafts so go ahead and have fun and enjoy experimenting.

Snowflake Winter Crafts For Kids

Pipe cleaner snowflake: There are many snowflake winter crafts for kids that you can make. But, these are among the simplest snowy crafts that you can make. You only need to twist and turn a few pipe cleaners to make the snowflakes. You can merge a lot of these snowflakes and make a snowflake mobile. The best thing about making these winter crafts for kids is that it not messy and it will keep your young ones busy.



What you will need:

  • 3 blue pipe cleaners
  • 2 silver pipe cleaners

Instructions: The first step in making these snow-themed crafts for kids is to cut the silver pipe cleaners in equal halves and place one half aside. Twist the remaining silver pieces together at the centre to create a shape that has six points.

The next step is to cut the blue pipe cleaners in equal halves. Then cut these halves in equal pieces again so that you have 12 pieces. You then twist these pieces on the silver base to make and beautify your winter art.

You can hang your snowflake if you wish to do that. For this purpose, use the silver piece of pipe cleaner you had set aside before. Then make a loop by folding it in half and twisting its ends to one of the points of the snowflake.